Lawrence N. Rogak
Fran Kanterman

Lawrence N. Rogak is New York's premier No-Fault defense attorney and authority.  He has been an insurance defense attorney, author and lecturer since 1981.   As managing attorney at The Law Office of Lawrence N. Rogak LLC, in Oceanside, New York, he and his staff of dedicated professionals have represented insurance carriers and self-insured corporations in over 15,000 lawsuits and arbitrations, and he is an accomplished trial lawyer.  The Law Office of Lawrence N. Rogak LLC has represented over 70 insurance companies in the counties of New York City, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Erie, Onondaga and Monroe.

Mr. Rogak is the author of Rogak's New York No-Fault Law & Practice, the first comprehensive treatise ever written on the subject.  This book has been lauded as "the Bible of our office" by numerous insurance carriers, and has been praised by the New York State Insurance Department.  He also writes The Rogak Report, a daily internet newsletter with the latest decisions from the courts and arbitrators, with his commentary.

The New York State Bar Association invited Mr. Rogak to write the No-Fault chapter for its recent treatise, The Plaintiff's Personal Injury Case In New York.

Fran Kanterman is the Chief Paralegal and head of the No-Fault support staff at Lawrence N. Rogak LLC.  A graduate of St. John's University with a degree in criminal justice, and past President of the Paralegal Society, Ms. Kanterman ensures that all litigation handled by Mr. Rogak's office stays on course; she also is available at all times to give the firm's clients accurate answers to both file status questions and general questions about New York No-Fault law. 

Together, Mr. Rogak and Ms. Kanterman provide the legal and insurance communities with a level of service and a pool of knowledge concerning New York No-Fault law that is unmatched.  

Through this Web site, Mr. Rogak and Ms. Kanterman offer the benefit of their understanding and insights to anyone who needs answers.

Get Straight Answers To Your Questions

New York No-Fault presents an endless array of difficult questions for which the answers are often elusive.  Interpreting the statutes, regulations, and conflicting court decisions is a daunting task.   And very often, answers can only be constructed by piecing together bits of information from a number of sources.   No-Fault is probably the only field of law in which a "novel question" presents itself to the courts on a regular basis.

For a nominal fee, you can obtain Mr. Rogak and Ms. Kanterman's answers to even your most difficult questions.   When statutory or case law authority exists, the answer will cite them.  When no such authority exists, the basis for the answer will be explained.

Your question will be answered within 24 hours of receipt.  In many instances, your answer will be sent the same day it is submitted. 

When you have questions, we have answers.  When you have problems, we have solutions.

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